I live in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by mountains and the community I’ve known since childhood. I moved back somewhat recently, after living all over for one reason or another. College, work, marriage, graduate school, ministry, and other adventures led me to Moscow (ID), Philadelphia, Boston, Paris, Zurich, Worcester, Cape Cod, Portland, Spokane, Tampa and Palm Harbor. When the chance arose, my husband and I leaped to live closer to family and the outdoors we love.

Our home sits on an acre beside a gigantic fruit and vegetable garden. Our two daughters attend school with cousins around the corner. I work on writing projects and help run a non-profit (Life Together International) from a shed that my husband and I built. I also co-manage a real estate business. My husband oversees accounts for an IT company in a workshop across the yard. We spend weekends working on home projects that multiply faster than we can finish. We love hosting impromptu gatherings for family and friends.

Down a hill, beside a creek, sits the farmhouse where I grew up. A little farther up the road is a clearing where some neighborhood kids and I once built a park. An old tire, strung over a tree branch, inspired me to organize the project. Scraps of lumber from my father’s workshop became a seesaw. We attached a discarded garage door to a fallen tree to make a slide. Opening day coincided with Easter weekend. So it made sense, when I was eight, to hop a quarter mile in a bunny costume to the event. I’d do anything for the younger kids still to believe in the Easter Bunny.

To this day, I love re-purposing things. But my devotion to the Easter Bunny has evolved into a deep love for Jesus. I’d do about anything for others to know him. It’s my passion to build communities that flourish no matter where I live.

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