I believe with the entirety of my being that we as American Christians need a full embrace of Anabaptism if we are to discover and maintain our prophetic witness today. These saints of old were 16th Century reformers who were persecuted by Roman Catholics and other Protestants because they valued believer’s baptism over infant baptism. They were jailed, beaten, and killed because their separation of church and state was founded on choosing Christ’s kingdom over the earthly empires that housed them. Chance the Rapper makes a wonderful Anabaptist confession when he proclaims: “Don’t believe in Kings. Believe in the Kingdom.”

The Anabaptists have always valued Scripture and lived to implement God’s teachings in every part of life. They are the red letter Christians whose foundational theology says Jesus is God and the full revelation of God – so if He said it and lived it, we aim to do the same. So much so, that the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) is often called the Anabaptist canon within the canon.

The Anabaptist goal has always been to live and love like our Christ. Their work, with the Spirit’s help, is to model Christ’s kingdom in our world. To do so, they recognize that God created the world in His image; Christ came because God so loved the world, the Spirit is alive and well the world over, genuine Christian community can be made, and living as peacemakers is a calling.

Persecution is the price of being prophetic

Any persecution Christians face for their political views is remotely akin to what the Anabaptists faced centuries ago, or what God’s people have faced throughout history, and even today the world over. The first lesson in our embrace of Anabaptism is that persecution is the price of being prophetic. Yes our persecution today is in every way lighter, but it comes in a context where our current political positions are seemingly (more than ever before) in tension with our faith and with our kin in and out of the Body of Christ.

Our persecution comes in the form of ridicule, frustration, anger, online trolls, having our faith questioned, questioning the faith of others, bruising or destroying relationship(s), etc. Our persecution is also a product of prophesy not just being forecasting, but also truth telling. And herein lies the rub: political parties, media outlets, and Christians collectively or individually do not own truth.

The longer we continue to posit truth as wholly subjective, the further we actually remain from the truth. Believing my truth is the truth, only ultimately leads to further polarization. The persecution birthed from subjective truth can be avoided by centering our faith and beliefs, words and actions, spirit and fight on Jesus who is the Truth. When it comes to maintaining a prophetic witness three ways to stay grounded in Jesus who is the Truth is to choose Christ’s kingdom over the empire (United States), Scripture over Constitution, and community and kinship as members of one another.

Kingdom over empire is revolutionary

If we desire to follow Jesus, we must make and keep making Christ Lord over the entirety of our being. That is Christ is Lord of: our gifts, skills, and abilities; mind, body, and soul; hopes and dreams; intellect, desires, and appetites. And yes, Christ must be Lord over our politics, which means we pledge our primary allegiance to Christ.

henry-b-johnson-finalKingdom over empire reminds that Christ is our present and also our ultimate hope. In Christ, we hope not in nations or political parties, but in the King of all Kings. Our hope is not in elections, but in the fact that we are the elect – the Beloved of God who His Spirit calls to choose salvation in Christ the Lord. Our hope is not simply in what we see with our eyes, or what we simply feel in our hearts. No. Our hope is found rested in that humble prayer of our brother Jehoshaphat: Lord we do not what to do, but our eyes are upon you.

Kingdom people die for the faith, not for their country. They are the children of God because they live to be peacemakers in the mold of Christ our Lord. Kingdom people go and make disciples, and not disciples in our own image – but disciples only, in the image of Jesus our Christ.

We must make and keep making Jesus as Lord over the entirety of our being. We must choose the kingdom over the empire we live in – always. To do so means to ask: is this vote or decision for the kingdom or for the empire, for my kin or for me, for President or for Christ?

Scripture over Constitution

It is the job of the empire to protect itself and its interests as best as it sees fit. This is the milieu in which charters and constitutions are drafted. Charters and constitutions are not our ultimate authority as Christians. And while Scripture may not be the fourth member of the Holy Trinity (although some Christians live this alternative fact as their reality), we give it a higher authority than any charter or constitution drafted by men.

Therefore, when government policies are passed down, we must maintain allegiance to Christ over our allegiance to the empire’s constitution. We have not been good at this as American Christians (i.e. Manifest Destiny and our Treatment of the Natives and their land; slavery and centuries of institutionalized racism, violence and oppression of African Americans; our forever active presence in warfare, etc.). Nevertheless, Christ has left His Spirit and His Church – the Spirit is fervently at work – we the Church must pledge daily to do the same.

For God So Loved the World

It is time we start living the truth of John 3:16. The Spirit convicts. Jesus came, lived and loved, died, was raised from the dead, and ascended to glory. Our Father is the architect of our salvation. But the work of God in saving the world is for the world. When God moves, it is more often about we than me. We need to stop forgetting that.

Many, who say, well that’s just politics, must open their eyes to see that is a very privileged stance. My own faith tradition completely abstained from voting up until the latter end of the 20th century. This means that the abolition of slavery, voter’s rights for African-Americans and Women, the Civil Rights Act – were all just politics to us. Yet to the many whose lives were affected by these policies – just politics was often a matter of life or death – oppression of marginalized and achievable prosperity for those in power.

In our politics, if Jesus is Lord, and we value God’s law even above the laws of the land, than we have to always act in a way that lives out this proverb: Christ’s blood spilled on Calvary’s tree matters more than even the blood flowing in my veins. We are not God’s only children, for all have been created in God’s image. We are not only the Body of Christ, but also members of one another.

Therefore, we must be more about we, than simply about me. The Old Testament hesed love we learn as agape in the New Testament always does what’s best for our kin. Paul reminded the Philippians, find joy by putting Jesus first, then others, and then yourself. Jesus said love God with the entirety of your being, and love the other as you love yourself.

hank-boima-and-familyHank served as the Youth Pastor at the Harrisburg Brethren in Christ Church since September 2008, before becoming Pastor of Discipleship & Youth Ministries. The expansion of those responsibilities now includes work with the adult and worship ministry teams. Hank recently accepted an invitation by HBIC to be Sr. Pastor in 2019.

Hank was born in Monrovia (Liberia). Due to Civil War, Hank’s family lived as immigrants and refugees in Freetown (Sierra Leone) and Abidjan (Ivory Coast), before settling in Palisades Park (New Jersey) and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). Hank graduated from Central High School in Philadelphia, and then from Messiah College in 2004. He completed a Master of Divinity from Evangelical Theological Seminary in May 2014, graduating with high distinction.

Hank’s ministry experience has been gleaned through serving at camps, community and youth centers, and in the social work field. Hank and his wife, Shell, live in Harrisburg and welcomed their first daughter, Harper Marie, in January 2014. They welcomed their second daughter, Kennedy Marie, in April of 2016.

When asked about his passions, Hank shares that he enjoys encouraging people, challenging them to take ownership of their faith, and living out the gospel of Jesus Christ. He believes our plight is to live and love like Christ lived and loved. Hank also enjoys sports, fellowship with family and friends, traveling, and board games. Find Hank on Twitter @Hank259.

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