Are you and your friends looking for creative and practical tools to help each other flourish?

The Ezer Group is for anyone who wants to embrace the full expression of God’s life. We are women and men with unique personalities, gifts, purposes and dreams of burying the status quo. We are an array of colors and cultures and every characteristic that makes us indispensable to creation.

The Ezer Group is about belonging to God as members of an eternal family. Knowing God wants us to thrive together, we open spaces for one another’s talents and Spirit-breathed purposes. We honor the goodness God pours into the world through each of us. We celebrate Jesus’ spirit invigorating richer lives than we could live alone.

The Ezer Group offers creative & practical tools to help women and men flourish in their communities. Periodically, we post free tools designed to encourage one another as we spotlight the talents of different members. Most recently, Dr. Philip Payne shared with us a free copy of his book chapter What About Headship? From Hierarchy to Equality (Mutual by Design: A Better Model of Christian Marriage, Edited by Elizabeth Beyer, CBE International 2017).

The Ezer Group has created a prayer video and a free holiday prayer guide to help center our souls. Author Lisa Deam (Ph.D.) reads a prayer of Catherine of Siena. Artist Ann Chapin offers her magnificent painting, Madonna and Child Panel, to stir our imaginations.

To launch The Ezer Group, artist Heather Kozup drew us note cards (free download). She invites us to print, trim, color, and give them with a note encouraging a friend. Heather has also created three bookmarks with a challenge to read a new book, maybe even three. Stay tuned for other tools—webinars & more!

No purchase required. All funds generated by tools of the Ezer Group apply to ministry partnerships through Life Together International (501 c-3). For more information, go to If you’d like to contribute a free tool to The Ezer Group, please email us here. Thanks!