The Ezer Group Podcast #1

What Is Headship, Really?

New Testament scholar Dr. Philip Payne discusses the meaning of “headship.”

Does God intend a husband to be the “leader” of a wife? Does “headship” mean he has the role of authority in the relationship? Does biblical submission require a wife to yield “the final say” to her husband in decision-making? Dr. Philip Payne covers these questions and more. He explains why “plain readings” of Scripture, in modern English, often fall short of God’s intentions for husbands and wives. He helps us uncover the beautiful truth of mutual submission in covenant marriage.

Download your free copy of Dr. Payne’s book chapter What About Headship? From Hierarchy to Equality (Mutual by Design: A Better Model of Christian Marriage, Edited by Elizabeth Beyer, CBE International 2017).

Stay tuned for future podcasts hosted by The Ezer Group. Next we’ll hear from theologian Dr. Elaine Storkey about the release of her latest book in the US—Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women. Very soon The Ezer Group will offer a Free Tool to help churches support victims of domestic and sexual violence.

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